Convening Stories

Victor organizes his local AIGA chapter. Quarterly they assemble designers and marketers to catch up on the latest in their industry and host a speaker. Within their membership are employed and unemployed senior staff and entry level folks from all sectors of the city. They’re constantly looking for an accessible space that matches their membership’s style. A regular low cost location would be a welcome partner and something that they would share in their spheres of influence.

Sarah is active in her local chapter of the League of Women Voters. They have various monthly gatherings for their members, who are also engaged citizens. A welcoming space that met their needs would become known as the place where active and engaged folks meet to get things done.

Host Responsibilities

Event host are responsible for the following:
1) Arriving prior to event to setup and greet guest.
2) Cleaning up after event. This includes removal of all trash and returning space back to its original condition.
3) Ensuring that guest do not wonder through members private spaces or use their property.
4) Remaining for the duration of the event and ensuring that all guest have existed the building afterwards.

NOTE: Hosted events must take place Mondays through Fridays and between the hours of 6PM and 9PM.

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